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Garden Fairy Rescue Brigade Helps Heather

In a time of crisis, Garden Fairies call on the “Garden Fairies Rescue Brigade”. We’re sort of like Ghost Busters minus the ghost but with a lot Fairy Dust and , well, dirt. Usually the ‘Fairies transform gardens in a matter of hours. But this time, the Fairies assembled to

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Restorative energy at the Noguchi Garden

The Noguchi Sculpture Garden invites contemplation. Adjoining the Isamu Noguchi Museum located in Queens New York, the garden contains the traditional elements of a Japanese garden: water, a bridge, green elements (bamboo, pine), and rock, of course, including Noguchi’s sculptures. It got me thinking, what is it about a spot that

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Labyrinths turn up in my travels

A theme for my travels this year: Gardens intentionally created as places for renewal. Such a meditation spot appeared by chance, appropriately enough, on an impromptu trip to visit my cousin in California. One morning as I walked a trail along the Pacific in Half Moon Bay, I came upon a stone

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Garden of a Thousand Buddhas

Near Arlee, Montana, on the broad ochre land that expands out across the Jocko valley to butt against the Mission Range, The Garden of a Thousand Buddhas would be one of those ‘different’ places. When I visited in September, it was still in the process of being built, but they’re

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Create Drifts of Roses

If you are looking for a low growing plant that is maintenance free, blooms from spring to fall and only has to be planted once–  remember two words; Drift Roses. A cross between a miniature rose and ground cover roses, Drift Roses pack a petite-sized punch. They inherited their manageable size and

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Garden signs, a great way to personalize your outdoor spaces

There are a myriad ways to express yourself in your garden, from your plant choices to your patio furniture. Consider adding contemplative or comical messages to  your  outdoor spaces– a great way to individualize your garden and show off your personal style. [portfolio_slideshow id=2563] Garden signs run the gamut of

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