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Reviving your frozen frazzled yard

Reviving your frozen frazzled yard: a five-step program If you are on the verge of trimming dead branches, you will be committing foliage-cide!. Resist, resist! Trimming prematurely can cause even more damage! I am receiving lots of calls and emails from stressed out gardeners who are wondering what to do and what

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Protecting Palms from Plummeting Temps

Give your cold-sensitive palms the “Blanket Treatment”. If you’ve planted new or cold sensitive palms in your garden, you will need to take some protective measures once the thermometer hovers just above freezing or goes below freezing. The first two years in a palm’s life in the ground are especially

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Tips to protect your plants, as Florida enters the deep freeze

“It’s freezin!” This is the number one topic in Florida the first week of January. One has to laugh because lots of Floridians are transplanted northerners. I have heard many garden owners complain about covering their plants. Depending on where you escaped from, covering your plants for a few nights

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