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Garden of a Thousand Buddhas

Near Arlee, Montana, on the broad ochre land that expands out across the Jocko valley to butt against the Mission Range, The Garden of a Thousand Buddhas would be one of those ‘different’ places. When I visited in September, it was still in the process of being built, but they’re

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Fairies Strut Stuff at Sacred Lands

Any other day of the year, showing up dressed as a fairy will elicit bewildered reactions and raised eyebrows— but on Halloween, the traveling fairy flock doesn’t seem out of place. Garden Fairy Lisa commented when we stopped to buy supplies on the way to St. Pete, “We might get some

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Garden Fairies Web Log arrives for 2010

Welcome to the magical world of The Garden Fairies. The Garden Fairies are a co-op of creative gardeners and artists in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. …a garden club that digs doing it!  We go way beyond planting perennials and petunias…we teach each other how to make magical Florida gardens.

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