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Help create an art and music center in Safety Harbor

Calling all Garden Fairies and Wizards! Get your paint brushes ready! Sunday, June 26th we will be participating in a fun fundraiser to help create an art and music center in Safety Harbor.

Mother Meres Mural Hits The Wall

On Thursday, September 3oth and Friday, October 1st, 2010,  Mother Meres mural was installed! Click to view the video of the installation process: The mural and adjacent dumpster surround transformation is a joint project of The Garden Fairies and the Greater Tarpon Springs Chamber of Commerce. At the upcoming dedication

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The Mother-of-all-murals moves towards completion

How long does a big mosaic mural take? A long ?‡#% time! When we first envisioned doing a mural, we considered a hands-on community process suggested by Garden Fairy Heather. She estimated it would take a long weekend. Instead we ended up doing a massively-multi-media mural that will end up

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Our Tarpon Springs mosaic mural project is a go!

Our long-time-coming Tarpon Mural project is a go! The Why and the How We have been involved in a planning process to do a mural in Tarpon Springs for three years. Part of the time was spent raising funds many through our garden tour last year and the other time

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Adding color to troubled teens lives over the holidays

For the fifth year in a row, the Garden Fairies have made the holidays a bit nicer for the troubled adolescent girls who live at the Brookwood Home in St. Pete FL. We always come up with colorful and creative gifts for the girls as Brookwood– fitting with our credo,

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Garden Fairies Web Log arrives for 2010

Welcome to the magical world of The Garden Fairies. The Garden Fairies are a co-op of creative gardeners and artists in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. …a garden club that digs doing it!  We go way beyond planting perennials and petunias…we teach each other how to make magical Florida gardens.

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