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siobhanSiobhan weaves her magic in outdoor spaces. From garden consultations to complete makeovers and everything in between, Siobhan’s mission is to help you get the most out of your yard & garden. Siobhan brings art, design, landscape, and furnishings together with wonderful style.

 (pronounced shi-von)

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Siobhan’s professional design, planning and visualization services:

Garden Consultations

Garden Consultations are the best value for the homeowner. For a modest fee, Siobhan will come to your home and perform a thorough review of your yard. This 2 hour consultation will provide you with a plan of action, recommended plants and give you insight to solving all your outdoor challenges. It’s a great starting point no matter what else you do.Garden Consultation

landscape design master plans

Landscape design master plans are a comprehensive planting and landscaping plan. Siobhan’s color plans are a work of art in and of themselves, fully detailed and crystal clear. A matching plant list is provided that keys to the color master plan. Estimating and staging can be a challenging part of any garden makeover, but with a master plan, it can be fun and efficient.

Home & Garden Makeover Renderings

Now you can see your how your home or garden can look when transformed before anything happens. With countless possibilities, inside and out, we will help you get the look you want “nailed”, before you start digging.

Siobhan’s exterior artwork for your home or business:

Decorative painting & murals[/tab]

Patio transformations

Surround yourself with images and items that make you happy. Murals, concrete patio surface painting, faux painting, mosaic tables & bars, planted pots, complimentay garden beds, furniture and accessory consulting. Learn more about our special approach.Mosaics

The most colorful, long lasting technique for your outdoor spaces is mosaic tiles. Siobhan can make your tabletops terrific, your patios palatial or your stepping stones sensational.

Dirty Fingernails

Siobhan digs right in to get the job done. Nursery Visits: 

We can help you stretch your landscaping budget. Plants are expensive and sometimes it’s hard to know what to plant where. Learn more about how we can help you pick out the right size, combination of plants and where find the best deals.


We install some gardening jobs and have associates we can recommend to install large specimens and extra large jobs.

Location: Pro Services are available for projects in the Tampa Bay area. Large projects outside the Tampa Bay area are possible if you compensate for time & travel expenses.

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