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The Great Pumpkin Challenge

A week after running a fabulous article about our Mother Meres mural, St. Pete Times correspondent Terri Bryce Reeves challenged the Garden Fairies to “think outside the pumpkin”. Of course we accepted! After doing a mural that took seven months to make, one night of pumpkin decorating sounded a walk in the

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Parading around with pets

You can imagine how much work it is to decorate a golf cart right around xmas– which is what a flockette of GFairies did last year for the Tarpon Springs xmas pararde. This year we thought let’s decorate dogs. Surely, this would be a simpler project. So… we all agreed,

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Adding color to troubled teens lives over the holidays

For the fifth year in a row, the Garden Fairies have made the holidays a bit nicer for the troubled adolescent girls who live at the Brookwood Home in St. Pete FL. We always come up with colorful and creative gifts for the girls as Brookwood– fitting with our credo,

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