Garden Fairies: Fantasies, facts and a wee bit of fable.

Once upon a time there were three windsurfing women named Barbara, Ruth and Siobhan, fabled for their abilities to ride the waves. One day, while waiting for the wind to blow, they discovered they also had a fondness for weeding and working in their gardens…
One of the three, Barbara, had fantasies about making a garden from scratch for her newly built house. Not a typical contractor installed landscape package… No, she was dreaming about an exotic retreat. Living in Florida by the water she knew she could have a tropical tapestry of texture, but alas such dreams do not come cheap.
Barbara’s lot was nearly devoid of plants but she was determined. Examining options, she thought about her two assets- a large cargo van and a couple of friends who loved to dig.
Siobhan signed on first to transform the featureless tundra of dirt. Plans were laid and plants were picked up, but even more help was needed. Barbara and Siobhan recognized that Ruth was quite handy with a shovel and pix axe. Perhaps she might also like to help. Five full van loads of plants and this tale was no longer a fantasy or even a fable! It was a FACT!

The group started growing, just like their gardens!

Barbara, Ruth and Siobhan found they really dug doin’ it together and were amazed how much they got done as a group. Soon other friends joined to lend a hand. Word spread up and down the streets and through the internet. The group began to grow and then it was recognized— we needed a name…
Garden Fairies are magical–and a bit mysterious– creatures who bring happy responses from almost all they encounter. So we thought …magical/happy… that works for us!
Twelve years later the Garden Fairies have grown into something none of original trio ever anticipated.
(continued in Fairy FAQs)

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