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Buffalo-area Garden Walks Blooming

Buffalo’s Garden Walk fever has spread to 17 other locales in Western New York. I give a neon-glowing-green thumbs-up to anyone involved in garden walks and tours; hosts, volunteers and organizers. I know how much work a garden walk or tour takes, having done two garden tours with The Garden

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Shuffle Off To Garden Walk Buffalo

Buffalo, you might be saying, “what about snow?”. Well in fact, snow makes a great cover for gardens. When the weather breaks in Buffalo the city starts to bloom up a storm. If you are lucky enough the make it to Buffalo the last weekend of July you will see

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The Not-so-accidental Garden Tourist

My husband knows the routine; if we go out of town, horticultural areas of interest must be included in our itinerary. I am a plant nut and he’s a car enthusiast, so trips are researched with our two passions in mind. We have had ample opportunities to see lots of

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