Guest Contributors

Vicky Zalatoris

Vicky pursues many passions: Master Gardener, artist, doll maker and outdoor sports enthusiast. She retired from the fashion industry as a catalog editor and manager.

Vicky has experience in gardening in extreme climates, from Florida to Wisconsin. While living in Tarpon Springs in the 1990s for 5 years she attended some of the Garden Fairies first transformations. Ever since moving up north 17 years ago, Vicky has followed the adventures of the Garden Fairies from afar. She has documented her gardening progress photographically and in water colors while gardening in numerous locals in the north country.

See her artwork at

Currently, she lives in an adorable red roofed log cabin, in Northwest Wisconsin with her husband and two cats. We are really diggin’ it,  to have Vicky on board as a contributor to the Garden Fairies blog, sharing her insights on gardening from deep in Cheese Head country!

Terry Fleig

Terry is a freelance copywriter and has been an enthusiastic gardener for over 25 years. Terry is a very funny and clever lady— her copywriting is aptly named, “Original Copy and Other Oxymora”. She lives with her husband and teenage son in Orchard Park, NY.  She is currently working on a novel and various writing projects in addition to her freelance work. Twilight fans and foes can enjoy her short, totally hilarious parody at . If you haven’t read Twilight, you will totally not get it.


Susan Szeliga

Susan Szeliga

Susan lives in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn where she writes, paints and continues to try to play fiddle. Her interests include mountain climbing (watching other people doing it), environmental sustainability, art, food and ping pong. After a long career at Newsweek Magazine, her current day job is working as reference librarian at Sports Illustrated. Once an out-of-town gardener with potatoes, corn and chickens, she’s now the default container-gardener for her co-op.


Holly Bird

Holly Bird

Holly is a printmaker, artist and graphic designer. She’s been all over the map as a designer and illustrator: from storyboarding Caddyshack and other movies starting at the age of 18 to working as a magazine art director, TV broadcast designer and 3D animator.

After teaching design for a few years she’s now concentrating on relief-block printing and copper-plate etching in her home studio. Recruited at a local outdoor art show, she’s a newcomer to the Garden Fairies but a lifelong gardening and plant enthusiast. She’s been concentrating on making her yard more Florida friendly for wildlife using native plants and on her new, large vegetable garden.

An avid sailor, some of her print work reflects her love for boating and Florida’s coastal water and birds. Her art blog is The Aerie at More art work can be seen at and She lives with her husband and parents and two adopted shelter dogs on their sprawling, weedy acre in Palm Harbor, FL.

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