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Knock Out Roses- Roses for Dummies!

‘Knock Out’ Roses have been criticized as being colorful but generic– the McDonald’s of the rose world. If you are living in blackspot central, where fungus-among-us runs rampant, ignore the critics. Very few people have the time or inclination to grow award winning roses. ‘Knock Out’ Roses are easy to grow,

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Create Drifts of Roses

If you are looking for a low growing plant that is maintenance free, blooms from spring to fall and only has to be planted once–  remember two words; Drift Roses. A cross between a miniature rose and ground cover roses, Drift Roses pack a petite-sized punch. They inherited their manageable size and

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Roses are Easy Again

Roses used to be easy. But then they got all fancy-dancy and found themselves unnaturally displayed in rows, needing lots of coddling and chemicals. Hybridized to death, roses ended up looking like women from the 1950s who couldn’t wait to get home to strip of their girdles. A common complaint among

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