Garden of a Thousand Buddhas

Near Arlee, Montana, on the broad ochre land that expands out across the Jocko valley to butt against the Mission Range, The Garden of a Thousand Buddhas would be one of those ‘different’ places. When I visited in September, it was still in the process of being built, but they’re quite far along. Chosen by the Tibetan lama, Gochen Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche, in part for its similarity to the Tibetan landscape, the intention of the garden is to promote world peace and an end to suffering.

A thousand buddhas and stupas will be at home here. It was silent and nearly deserted when we visited on a hot September day, and walking through the Dharma wheel with my friend, one felt dwarfed by the sweep of the land. I doubt even all those buddhas could make it feel crowded. Maybe because I felt very small, the focus was less on myself, and I left with thoughts about being a more responsible part the Dharma wheel, the big world. You can learn more about it here:

A first meditation garden[portfolio_slideshow id=4221]

the intention of the garden is to promote world peace and an end to suffering

Susan Szeliga
Susan lives in Brooklyn where she writes, paints and continues to try to play fiddle. After a long career at Newsweek Magazine, her current day job is working as reference librarian at Sports Illustrated.