Flash Animations

Flash Animations

“Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated”
I mastered vector illustrations long before the Internet, with programs like Illustrator 88 and Freehand. When Flash came along, I had already become proficient with (Macromind) Director, the major timeline-based animation platform. So I was immediately able to leverage my still illustration abilities in animated form.

In the beginning, people would ask, “What is Flash”? I’d say, “It’s a way to show animations on your web site”. Then during the 2000s, it became so much more. Games, Rich Internet Applications, and then entire websites. Then came  SEO, Apple mobile devices and HTML5, signaling the “death” of Flash. Maybe, we’ll see. But there are still things Flash does better that any other technology.
Here are some examples of our Flash expertise over the years.

Vanderpool Films “Flash” web site

VF-flash-siteFlash web site This web site is built completely in Actionscript 2 using timelines only for some small recurring elements. At the time (2006-2009), Flash was the best and only way to deliver such a “slick” web site. If you go into work>Y of C M, or MWM, you’ll see the films and the “scope of work”

Airport Products “Flash” web site intro

AirpProdIntro155Web Site Intro In the heyday of Flash web sites, the “intro” was the must-have item to get your concept across quickly and powerfully. You could deliver sound and motion and do it over dial-up connections. Circa 2004.

HS Loader Concept

loaderframe155HS Loader Created completely using vectors, symbols and a simple timeline, this is a great example of how a flash animation can communicate complex ideas with ease, especially a concept, idea or object that doesn’t exist yet. The huge advantage of using vectors is that you can stretch the window to any size and the animation instantly resizes while playing razor sharp images. Try it!

BridgeLift Concept

bridgelift1c-155BridgeLift Concept This vector animation has 3 different configurations;
it plays a main one, and then lets you choose to view 2 alternate versions.

The client ended up developing the main concept after presenting this concept animation to the industry.

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